​"Into the Shadows is a tightly-plotted globetrotting thriller packed with spy-tech, secret agents and global terrorists.  It storms along at a breathless pace towards its gripping conclusion, barely pausing even when the bodies hit the ground.  Timely and captivating, it breathes new life into a genre that has become a little derivative in recent years." - Tom Secker, editor, spyculture.com

“With a fast-paced plot that never bores - or slows down - Into the Shadows is a promising debut from Brady.  Featuring multiple continents, transport modes...and surprises, Black River effectively marries absorbing plot and action with realistic insight into today's intelligence community relationships and capabilities. A bona fide page-turner." - Brian Gray, intelligence educator and broadcaster (THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL, Spies & Shadows TV)

"Michael Brady's Into the Shadows is a fast paced thriller that also manages to show the complexity of modern intelligence, going far beyond the usual single hero who saves the day to show the real teamwork involved in foiling terrorist plots. The up-to-date storyline takes the reader on a tour of current events and, at the same time, gives a fascinating insight into how intelligence really works and the issues it faces. Brady does an excellent job of combining realistic detail with convincing characters and an exciting story that will keep the reader enthralled to the end." - David Strachan-Morris, PhD. Lecturer in Intelligence and former intelligence professional

"Michael Brady has leveraged his experience in the intelligence community, and as Director of the Presidential Emergency Operations Center in the White House, to craft a taught, enjoyable thriller that takes the reader, quite fittingly, into the shadows. Into the Shadows is a wild ride through a dizzying array of exotic locations, spanning the entire globe, and it never lets up." - John Little, Creator of Blogs of War and Host of the Covert Contact podcast

"World of Shadow deals and trust betrayed!  In the steps of Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn giving a fresh look at covert ops.  Worth a read!" - Nathan J Hunt, OSINT media researcher, site reconstruction specialist