I welcome any opportunities to speak with book clubs via Skype, social media, telephone, or directly with you and your friends.  We can even talk topics ranging from threats to the United States and the international community to intelligence collection systems and programs or other similar topics.    

Here are some sample questions to spur debate, dialogue and think deeply about from the first novel:

Is using a "false flag" a necessary technique utilized by intelligence agencies?  How did Mossad use its "false flag" effectively in the novel?

Should a non official cover (NOC) intelligence officer be authorized to participate in an operation on domestic soil?

Should combating deadly infectious diseases be a higher priority for the United States or international community?

Of all the places in the book (Germany, Cyprus, Syria, Turkey, Sierra Leone, Israel, Cuba, Jamaica, New York, Washington, DC), where would you enjoy visiting the most?  Why?

How would you feel about conducting an enhanced interrogation against a captured individual who had specific information on an imminent attack against a major metropolitan city such as New York, Berlin, Madrid or London?