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Lieutenant Colonel Michael Brady, USA, (RET), is a former career intelligence officer and Director of the Presidential Emergency Operations Center in the White House under President George W. Bush. He has performed a wide variety of tactical and strategic intelligence functions including long-range surveillance, interrogation, intelligence analysis, collection management, emergency operations, and intelligence production.

Michael is a 1990 graduate of The Citadel, Marine Corps Command and General Staff College, Joint Forces Staff College, US Army Airborne School and US Army Ranger School. His areas of expertise and research include threats to the homeland, intelligence collection systems and programs, intelligence analysis, and intelligence support to national policy making. He is also a contributor to the Asia Times where he writes on intelligence and security issues in the region.

Michael currently lives in Charleston, SC and teaches graduate and undergraduate courses at The Citadel. He spends most of his free time in Jacksonville, Florida with his girlfriend, Laura, and her two cats. He is also the proud father of three children.